Spiritual consciousness in santmat and other

James Bean, who has made an intensive study of Sant mat and runs several groups on Sant Mat very rightly depicts Sant Tulsi Sahab as the "Adi Guru of many if not most all contemporary Santmat guru-lineages, the grandfather or founding-father of modern-day Santmat" and as a "connecting link between the classic Sants of India including earlier Masters in the Kabir lineage, and contemporary Santmat", and advocates that "any serious study of Sant Mat teachings must include the hymns and spiritual discourses of Sant Tulsi Sahib".

I am all strength and courage. Saints like Shankaracharya, taking the support of Holy Scriptures some of these being the same Scriptures which were used by Dualistsestablished the supremacy of Monist or Non-dualist Philosophy. Always carry My reflection.

He imparts them his own strength and redeems them. My mind thinks about him frequently. Finally he decided to take upon himself the herculean task, in which he was very ably assisted by his dearest disciple and successor Maharshi Santsewi ji, of collating the teachings of Vedas, Upanishads, renowned commentators such as Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi, etc, and saints together in one place,in the form of one great book titled "Satsang Yoga" divided in four parts.

He wanted to give message to human beings by His regular routine of meditation practice. Chant this Name, this is Me in sound form. In His words, the definition of Santmat is as following: He has said, "All the human beings are authorized equally for devotion to God. At last, He came in contact of Santmat in the year of At some point we may resume taping satsangs at different venues here in Arizona, where my wife and i now reside.

Mark Juergensmeyer: Radhasoami Reality

As sage Nisargadatta Maharaj of Bombay so beautifully stated the balanced spiritual life to us, "Wisdom says I am nothing; Love says I am everything. There appear differences in the views and faiths of the sants but their differences are all due to different names given to them at different times and places by their followers out of excessive regard for their spiritual preceptors.

He left his study in and wandered for the search of Sadguru. As the gist of the whole of his intensive research into literature and hi sown direct experience, he made a loud and confident proclamation that the scriptures and saints are essentially in unison and that any view to the contrary is wholly unfounded and worthy of rejection.

He lived with many sages, and used to go to meet Guru whenever he heard of any name. Maharshi Mehi says, "The person who advances on this path and achieves self-realization and salvation while alive becomes Sant i. His great work was extended further by his greatest disciple and worthy successor, Maharshi Santsewiji, who tried to carry forward the syncretistic philosophy to a global scale.

All saints, as has been underscored above, are equal as they have become one with Him. All saints have, in all times, made the noblest efforts to uplift the humankind from their woeful state of being attached to the illusory duo of the body and the world.

There are four essentials on which this faith bases its tenets: However, all essentially agree on the existence of the Nameless State [Anami]. Radhasoami is my most Beloved Lord. Maharshi Mehi has told, "Santmat is like that shop which does not believe in debt.

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Topic: The Spiritual Autobiography. Spiritual Awakening Radio (Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts), heard on various community, public radio stations and the web, explores the world of spirituality, comparative religion, world scriptures and other books, East and West, God, meditation, out of body or near death experiences (inner space), the vegan diet and other ahimsa ethics -- education.

The divine energy can easily be regarded as an advance consciousness which one can easily achieve through regular practice of self realization.

Origin, Usage and Meaning of the Sacred Name of God - RA-DHA-SWAM-E SantMat History SOURCE: MEDIUM Soami is Ocean and Radha its First Wave “The founders of the faith have a few allegorical interpretations to put forward to explain the two components of the word — Radha and Soami.

Hi Sparrow - thanks for sharing, I thought your recollections & feelings quite genuine & touching - it was a nice & interesting read!

Philosophy of Liberation, A Manual of Sant Mat Mysticism

I have no association with Rajinder, but used to follow the teachings of Gurinder at RSSB some 17 years ago. In fact “Spiritual Consciousness” has been the fulcrum of all attempts at defining Religion’ which according to ‘Eliade’ is an experience of the ‘Sacred” an experience of the ‘wholly other’ for ‘Otto’ and Scholarly study of the “Sacred” for ‘Tillich’.

Spiritual consciousness in santmat and other
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