Globalisation and maritime security essay

A dopting the second option equally leads to higher financial burden due to the cost of additional measures to better secure merchant ships against attack, including the payment of high insurance premiums.

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Therefore, a situation similar to that in Somalia is an indication of how maritime threat can be a global threat. Traditionally, it has been the role of the flag state to enforce its laws and to check on its ships. This kind of initiative would serve the dual purpose of attaching legitimacy to the Task Force and offer African navies the opportunity to build their capacities for policing their waters.

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The Globalisation of the Maritime Industry Essay

More recently, sinceIMO has focused on piracy off the coast of Somalia, in the Gulf of Aden and the wider Indian Ocean, and is currently implementing a strategy for enhancing maritime security in West and Central Africa, in line with the region's maritime security agreements.

First has been the massive increase in commercial maritime traffic. Geoffrey Till had warned repeatedly about the growing problem of disorder at sea and the need to guarantee maritime security. These different dimensions of globalisation often need to be studied separately in order to provide a detailed analysis.

It will provide safety to the United States merchant ships, crew of these ships. In addition, it is impractical and inefficient to rely only on the bilateral relationship in maritime missions.

Also provide an additional example of each one from another aspect of your life. In the context of HoA, the absence of an effective central government in Somalia sincemay well explain the high incidence of attacks on vessels around the region, especially in the GulfofAdcn.

Somali pirates now attack vessels further out at sea, off the east and south coast of Somalia including off Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles and Madagascar. Finally, cultural changes involve trends towards a harmonisation of tastes and standards, a universal world culture that transcends the nation-states Kacowic, The mass media have and are having a major impact on linking people and ideas around the world — from newspapers, radio and television, to Hollywood and Bollywood movies through to the Internet, Google, Web 2.

In addition, the miniaturisation of these arms has made it a lot easier for children child soldiers to use. The Organization has issued guidance to flag, port and coastal States; as well as to shipowners, ship operators and shipmasters on the use of PCASP on board ships in the High Risk area of the Western Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden, in addition to guidance for private maritime security companies.

The activities of pirates are also contributing to the degradation of the waters around the Somali coast and Gulf of Aden.

IMO on Maritime Security in 21st Century

It equally hurts the economy of regional neighbours that spend scarce resources in the payment of cansom for hijacked ships destined to deliver goods or aids to such a state. China human rights essay modern studies scotland. Uganda is recording a new wave of disturbing malnutrition in the northern pastoral region of Karamoja.

Against this backdrop, globalisation provides the context for unravelling the continuance of piracy off the I lorn of Africa I IoA. THE WINNERS ANNOUNCED For the winning essays and commentary: Countering WMD Proliferation: The Next Generation's Ideas For highlights of the awards event, CLICK HERE.

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And for photos from the event, CLICK HERE. The United Nations Security Council Resolution International Student Essay Contest received submissions from undergraduate.

2 rise of piracy off the coast of Somalia between and The dangers of piracy for international trade brought the maritime dimension of security to the global consciousness and lifted it high on policy. Background Maritime security traditionally focuses on maritime disputes, naval competition, Sea lines of communication (SLOCs), War at sea.

The modern maritime securities after the cold war and 9/11 have been significantly changing and more complex, which is involving worldwide collaboration and mutual understanding. Nigeria and maritime security. Posted By At a time like this when the global energy situation is in a flux, fluctuating prices of crude oil, and the growing demand for and use of alternative.

Global maritime security is a new byword of securing the sea lines of communications in international relations. Maritime security is vital to national as well as human safety, and it is linked to economic development. Throughout history, the majority of trade was done via sea routes, and maritime security played a vital role in economic.

Abstract. The Indian Ocean region (lOR) is fast becoming a major area of global political and security interest. The region's political and security context is quickly changing due mainly to expanding and competing Chinese and Indian spheres of influence along with relatively declining United States power.

Globalisation and maritime security essay
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