Crime and policising in nigeria

Dimensions of Social Problems in Nigeria. To make Africans albeit Nigeriansamenable to colonial exploitation and administration, the old social order, as already noted, was displaced while new social systems were introduced. This cankerworm had deeply affected the social image of the Nigeria Police perceived as a corrupt law enforcement agency.

On the other hand, the adoption of a separate local police force in the northern part of Nigeria in the Independence Constitution gave the politicians the opportunity to lynch, harass and use violence against their opponents. We inquired why there was no LASTMA official with them if truly they were attached to traffic task force there was no convincing response and we therefore did not succumb to them.

This can also lead to brain-drain and other socio-economic problems. Details of the new program which seem to cover most areas of improvement suggested in this article include: In Nigeria, British efforts to establish effective control over the claimed protectorates intensified the opposition of several chiefs and their people who fought for their economic, socio-political and religious rights against the demands of the European traders and Christian missionaries.

He argued that crime is an inevitable and normal aspect of social life. The police agency representative s also need to be interviewed in order to verify some of the documented information utilized in this work.

The imperative of community policing and security in Nigeria

Reason why VGN is best suited for community policing in Nigeria: It is not so with Nigeria where crime and violence is moving on a fast lane. Taxis are usually yellow or white vans that are filled beyond their capacity with riders. This approach would provide grounding for the inevitable linkage between the nature of colonial policing and the total collapse of the apparatus of law enforcement in Nigeria.

Wednesday January 19, It was also the first modern police force in the territories later designated Nigeria by the British Tamuno, It is indeed a situation of normlessness as the anomie theory stipulates. However, it was not long before they realized that the organizational arrangement in the Lagos area during that period failed to provide the necessary security for commercial and other pursuits.

Many other groups have since emerged under different aegis demanding their ethnic rights.

Eruopean Expansion

Individuals should inquire at the nearest police station about the contact telephone numbers for that particular station. Even the police personnel, who may have privileged access to records on remote causes and means of preventing these localized battles, may not be willing to act either, because such battles are veritable training ground for arms dealing for some of them Daily Times.


Nigeria Police Watch condemn this reckless act of the police and call on all relevant authorities to ensure that bad eggs in the system are fished out and dealt with appropriately.

Nigeria police officers in conjunction with Custom officers, NDLEA officers, and quarantine officers are busy harassing and extorting money from travellers. The Muslim Ummah of South West Nigeria, MUSWEN, has warned those who are policising the health status of President Muhammadu Buhari to stop giving undue publicity and attention to his illness.

The President of the. an organized civil force for maintaining order, preventing and detecting crime, and enforcing the laws. (used with a plural verb) members of such a force: Several police are patrolling the neighborhood. the regulation and control of a community, especially for the maintenance of.

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. The main focus in community policing is the community involvement in combating crime and disorder.

This will even become more effective in a setting like Nigeria where communal relationships is deeply entrenched in our cultural fabric.

The Objective of VGN is to promote Community Policing, Crime Control, prevention and protection of lives and property in Nigeria. Reason why VGN is best suited for community policing in Nigeria: 1. VGN of all military and paramilitary Organizations in Nigeria is the only one that has its men domiciled (living and working) in their areas of operation.

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