Auditing and assurance notes essay

Typical Activities Basic activities in the revenue and collection cycle are 1. There should also be physical protection of the files.

Chapter 7 Notes: Auditing and Assurance Services

Treatment of investment in the balance sheet]. Evaluation will be based on both the written evaluation and oral presentation. Delivering goods and services to customers 3.

These are summarised below: I will generally try to give you my comments within two days. The Board must record reasons for non-acceptance of such recommendation, if any, and communicate the same to shareholders.

Similarly, for some of the ledger accounts, let us assume that the Commission Account credit side was wrongly totalled more by Rs. Liabilities for known return, warranties, and other potential obligations are often very difficult to estimate.

With that said the records are assets. Pending Order Master File- sales transactions that were initiated but not yet completed or recorded as sales.

A sales invoice is the bill sent to the customer that indicates the amount due. There is a causal relationship between the breach and his financial loss.

These disclosures must ensure that the presentation and disclosure assertions of occurrence, rights and obligations, completeness, classification, accuracy and valuation, and understandability have been met.

Comparisons of asset and revenue balances with recent history might help detect overstatements. We may classify them into three main categories as follows: If you wish feedback on your paper prior to final submission, I am willing to review one draft of the paper any time before Monday, April 28th.

Presentation includes correct spelling and grammar, as well as organization, including use of headings and subheadings. The mode of valuation of the stocks of raw materials, stores and spares, stock-in-trade and the work-in-progress should be properly stated [Part I of Schedule VI of the Companies Act, ], 2.

The audit senior-in-charge apparently has failed in carrying out his duties within the scope of his employment. For the audit of listed entities, the Securities Commission may require the auditors to perform additional work in respect of the audit.

Auditing and Assurance Notes Essay

He noted the exceptions in his working papers and brought them to the attention of the senior-in-charge. When the exceptions constituted six percent of the vouchers payable examined, it is questionable whether he has conducted the audit properly and obtained the necessary audit evidence.

Similarly, The West-minister Road Construction Case held the company auditor responsible for his failure to ascertain true valuation of the work-in- progress even when sufficient evidential matter was available. Articles of smaller sizes but of higher value are generally susceptible to theft and pilferage.

The duties of an auditor are: The exam will be primarily essay questions on material covered to that date. The auditor should check the methods of: The professor will maintain records of participation during each class, including extent and quality of participation. These three mistakes are different.

Essay on Auditing

Results of surveys on environmental pollution, employment discrimination, occupational health and safety, etc. According to section 99E 2 of the Act, no auditor shall be liable to be sued in any court for any report submitted by him in good faith and in the intended performance of any duty imposed on the auditor under this section.

Audit notes-Risk and materiality Essay Sample

Generally, this will be an expansion of one of the topics covered in the course. To be successful in a legal action for negligence, there must be proven the following elements: This wrong accounting does not affect the trial balance. Special Audit It is one that is conducted: The form and content of the papers will be discussed in greater detail before they are due.

Of them, main parts are stated as below: GAAP requires clients to provide and estimation of uncollectable amounts and provide and allowance for it. That means, both the debit and credit aspects are equally omitted and the trial balance continues to agree.

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Essay on Auditing. AUDITING Audit and Assurance Audit and Assurance Introduction The responsibility of the auditors is to provide a clear picture of the company i.e. prevention.

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Boynton California Polytechnic. Audit notes-Risk and materiality Essay Sample. 1. Kenny recently joined the public accounting firm of Hamid, Krishnan & Co. as an audit assistant after obtaining an accounting degree.

Auditing in Scientology is an activity where a person trained in auditing listens and gives auditing commands to a subject, who is referred to as a "pre-clear".

The purpose of this practice is to make ones unconscious mind, conscious in the eyes of scientology.

Auditing and assurance notes essay
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